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Telemedicine and Visit Information
In person visits typically offer the best opportunity to evaluate and treat patients.
They allow for a complete physical examination and for appropriate tests to be
performed. However, during this global health crisis, many health problems can
be adequately addressed through telemedicine and to a lesser extent through
telephonic medical visits
. Typically there are regulations prohibiting the use of
some technologies used to conduct these encounters and insurance company
rules preventing payment for them. For the time being both federal and state
governments as well as most health insurers have temporarily removed these
barriers. To reduce the need for patients to leave their homes to be seen in our
office we are offering telemedicine visits for some health concerns.
In order to complete a telemedicine visit, patients will need a smartphone or
webcam enabled computer and an internet connection. They should download
Google Duo and have an email address or telephone number at which they can
be reached on that application. The patient must be present and ideally in a well
lit area for the visit. Visits will be billed to your insurance company in the same
way that an office visit would typically be billed. All visits may be arranged ahead
of time by calling our office at 410-535-5959.